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Welcome to the G.A.STEM project

Project number: 2018-1-FI01-KA201-047215

The G.A.STEM project is funded, by the European Commission through the Finnish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme, with the aim to improve motivation in scientific study through the use of “Art-works” supporting student creativity development and more awareness of their applications in everyday life.


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STEM Education through Arts and mini-games

The Multiplier Even of the G.A.STEM project, entitled after "STEM Education through Arts and mini-games” took place on 19th March 2021, hosted by the “New Perspectives in Science Education” International Conference.

The Multiplier Event was composed by the following speeches:

• “An overview on the G.A.STEM project: objectives and aims” by Antonio Giordano (Pixel, Italy) and Heli Brander (University of Turku, Finland);
• “Art and mini-games for STEM: from students for students” by Greet Bekaert (Sint-Lievenscollege, Belgium) and Michela Tramonti (EU – Track, Italy);
• “Generating game ideas with your students” by Mikhail Fiadotau (Tallinn University, Estonia).

More than 50 participants took place in the Multiplier Event.


G.A.STEM Multiplier Event

The Multiplier Event of the G.A.STEM project, entitled after "STEM Education through Arts and mini-games" will be held on Friday 19th of March in the framework of the "Perspectives in Science Education" International Conference organised by Pixel.

The Multiplier Event is primarily designed for teachers interested in using ART as a tool to promote students’ creativity and interest in STEM education. The event is also highly relevant for students interested in more personalized and creative learning processes through the use of mini-games and the discovery of the indissoluble link between STEM and ART.

Further information about the Multiplier Event is available here:


Open registrations to the G.A.STEM Multiplier Event

The registration to the G.A.STEM Multiplier Event is now open!

The Multiplier Event is organized by G.A.STEM in partnership with the 10th International Conference on New Perspectives in Science Education. Participants will be engaged in three interactive sessions, each beginning with a presentation of activities and results achieved in the framework of the G.A.STEM project and finishing with a discussion.

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